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  1. Hikingbook Officially Released!

    Everything started with a simple idea. Motivated by our passion for hiking and our need for a user-friendly app that tracks hikes and provides navigation, we decided to write our own app. After six months of countless revisions and testing, Hikingbook was officially released! What a moment to remember!

  2. Introducing: Offline Maps

    After the initial release, we were greatly flattered and encouraged as generous feedbacks kept pouring in from the hiking community. After another six months of testing, we launched our first major feature— offline maps, which allows users to track their position and avoid getting lost even when there was no Internet connection.

  3. Essential Features Ready!

    As more team members joined, our brainstorming and work space shifted from a tiny study to our favorite local coffee shop where we always hanged out. Within this year, we put all our efforts into developing the essential features that make Hikingbook closer to our vision. By mid-year, the long-awaited export & import feature was finally launched. Sharing and referencing records was never easier!

  4. Over 15,000 Downloads

    A number beyond our every expectation! As feedbacks poured in every day, the most motivating and gratifying ones were always those that said the same thing—that Hikingbook has allowed hikers to stay safer in the woods and to explore the woods in more enjoyable ways.

  5. Cloud Backup & Sync

    At the beginning of the year, we launched the much-expected feature of cloud syncing, which allows users to back up and share hikes more easily. Moreover, the first major makeover of Hikingbook website was completed. In less than 3 months, there were already more than 1000 synced hikes. Now, we are one step closer to our dream, and the journey is still underway...


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