Best Hiking Guide to Explore Woods

Provide real-time record and location integration to make hiking safer

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@XI LUAN Mountain in Taiwan

4 core features presents perfect for you

Offline Map

During your hikes, the built-in detailed hiking trails let you get where you are at any time without additional tracks and Internet.


Revolutionize the traditional way to write a hiking record. Easily and fast record text, weather, time, photos, location, and altitude.


One click to export a hike to GPX, KML, GeoJSON, and PDF. And You can copy hiking records to tell your hiking story.


Import GPX, KML, and GeoJSON files through url, AirDrop, email, and Dropbox.

Own your hiking book

Accumulate your hiking experience, dig into the detailed records of every hike, and save your unique hiking memories.


Hikes on the clouds automatically

Hikes are uploaded to the clouds automatically when Internet is available. You don't worry about losing your hiking memories anymore and easier to share them with your friends and help more hikers.

What hikers are saying about Hikingbook

Best Hiking Guide to Explore Woods

Taiwan has the largest number and density of high mountains in the world.
Mountains occupied 78% of the area of Taiwan
and there are 268 mountain summits over 3000 metres above sea level.
The rich mountain natural resources increases the hiking population in Taiwan.
The hiking population in Taiwan occupied 32.7% in 2013 (7.5 million hikers).
However, sadly, there are more and more accidents in mountains
and even they hit the headline in Taiwan.
How can we do to prevent these so regretting and sad accidents in mountains?

We leverage technology to help hikers go hiking safer
and provide the knowledge about hiking safety to hikers.
Let hikers enjoy hiking and get home safe!

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