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  • Open data from Taiwan’s Forestry Bureau. Modified by Hikingbook.

The trail has gained popularity for its adjacency to the beautiful coastline. The 7 km trail connects Taitung's Anshuo and Pintung's Xuhai and has a history of its own. Historically, this ancient trail is a part of the "Langqiao-Beinan Trail." The section that is commonly known as "Alangyi" now is in fact the "Xuhai-Nantian" section of the longer trail, which had been commonly used by local tribes as far back as the 17th century. The name "Alangyi" is actually a misplacement. The area is designated as a nature reserve and is the last primal, undeveloped coastline in Taiwan. Entry permits are required, and the hike should be accompanied by an appointed guide.

Route Type

Point-to-Point trail


6.68 km

Max. Elevation

123 m

Min. Elevation

0 m