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  • Open data from Taiwan’s Forestry Bureau. Modified by Hikingbook.

Lisong Hot Spring is likely one of the most written-about destinations in Taitung, and is often hailed to be “Taiwan’s most beautiful wild hot spring.” The trail is well-traveled, and ropes have been installed on both sides for nearly the entire way. It is quite steep but short, taking only about an hour to reach the riverbed from the trailhead.
Lisong Hot Spring is classified as a weak alkaline, carboned spring with a pH of 7, and a temperature of about 45-65°C. The spring water emerges from about 25-30m above the river to create a fantastic emerald green tapestry along the rock walls. After reaching the riverbed, the river will need to be crossed twice in order to enjoy the pools. A trip to Taitung will be unforgettable with the addition of Lisong Hot Spring to your itinerary.

Route Type

Out-and-Back trail


2.73 km

Max. Elevation

1428 m

Min. Elevation

949 m