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  • Open data from Taiwan’s Forestry Bureau. Modified by Hikingbook.

Jiaming Lake is one of the most well-known hiking destinations in Taitung. It is often heard from people who have ventured to Jiaming lake, also known as "Moon's Mirror" from Bunun legned, that it is a place everyone needs to visit at least once in their life. The lake is located near Mt. Sancha and has an elevation of 3350m. It is an oval shape with a diameter of about 210m to 330m (depending on rainfall) with a depth of 35m. On sunny days it looks like a sapphire, an amazing sight to be savored. The lake can change colors several times a day. In light of fluctuating weather and color of the sky its appearance shifts from blue, green, gradual blue-green, and other tones. The ecology, scenery, and ambiance of the area are vastly different from those of lower elevation regions. A typical trip to Jiaming Lake would also include Mt. Xiangyang and Mt. Sancha. Mt. Xiangyang provides a miraculous 360° view of the surrounding mountains, while the sunrise at Mt. Sancha is magical and it’s worth getting up early to witness.

Route Type

Point-to-Point trail


13 km

Max. Elevation

3603 m

Min. Elevation

2327 m